20 tips on how to deal with alcohol withdrawal

1 – Drink lots of fluids that are high in electrolytes.

Our first tip on how to deal with alcohol withdrawal concerns the symptoms of dehydration and nausea during alcohol withdrawal. Drinking lots of fluids, especially fluids with electrolytes, will help to rehydrate and reduce nausea. The essential minerals like: sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium are electrolytes and are commonly found in sports drinks.

2 – Find a friend or a family member to help you.

Inform your close friends and family before you begin your detox and ask them to support you during the period. Support is an essential part of the process, consider finding company to support you throughout the first week..

Learn how to safely detox from alcohol at home.

find a friend how to deal with alcohol withdrawal
how to deal with alcohol withdrawal

3 – Remember this is not just happening to you.

Do not convince yourselves that you are alone and are the only ones going through their experience. It can only be a comfort to know that millions have gone through the same withdrawal process. Join the club these things happen. You have decided to achieve a healthier life and as they say it is never too late.

4 – Resist the physical craving.

The craving for alcohol will be a persistent challenge during withdrawal but particularly the first day. Then there will be many moments throughout the process where you will be tempted to have a drink. It’s helpful to think of your craving as an answer to a quick fix; today you will feel good but tomorrow you will back in the abyss. There are nutrients and chemicals that can take away cravings.

The temptation will come back over and over again during this week of withdrawal.

5 – Keep a blog.

Unfortunately we are not elephants, that is to say we forget quickly. So it’s a good idea to keep a diary or blog and keep it nearby for quick reference. The content of the blog should be positive, candid and it should remind you why you decided to go through the challenge of detox in the first place. When you are tempted, refer to the blog and read it out loud. Read it as many times as you need during the process. Write down your thoughts and feelings on the eve of deciding to detox the add to it on a daily basis.

6 – Collect symbols.

Collect images or objects that will help you remember why you embarked on this journey of detox in the first place. These are symbols of things that keep you stable. Literally anything that means something to you is good . During your withdrawal, when you feel like it’s not worth the pain. Your symbols will help you stay focused and determined to succeed.

7 – Think about the morning after.

One effective coping technique is to think of the morning after drinking and not the drinking itself. You may find yourself thinking fondly about having another drink stop and think more of the troubled sleep and the anxious uncomfortable aftermath. Thinking about the ecstasy and the agony and wasting the hard work you have put in.

Consciously try to connect your alcohol consumption to pain, not pleasure or relief.

8 – Shock treatment.

A few press ups and a cold shower can snap you out of strong urges to relapse. It can help clear your mind and bring you back to reality..

9 – Think of a tunnel.

The pain of withdrawal is only temporary, it will go away. It won’t last forever. You have just entered a short dark tunnel which you will soon be out of it. There is life at the end of the tunnel.

10 – Adjust your diet.

When alcohol is metabolised in your body, it is turned into sugar. The body is therefor used to sugar and a sudden penury will make you feel tired and uncomfortable so ween yourself off the sugar gradually. Eat sugary things during the withdrawal period so as to stop craving for it which could lead you back to alcohol.

11 – Change your friends.

If you identify with one of the first four stages of alcohol excess the most important thing is to distance yourself from enablers and any drinking advocates that are in your life. These are the people that don’t want you to get sober. These friends will often minimise your addiction by telling that you are being melodramatic. They may even try to offer you alcohol during your detox. It’s best to simply cut these people out of your life at leat during this time.

12 – Try deep breathing techniques.

When we are stressed, we often forget to breathe, deep breathing can help you use your prefrontal cortex, which is the part of your brain that handles critical thinking and reasoning. So, following these guidelines:

  • Breathe in through your nose for four seconds. Hold your breath for five seconds.
  • Breathe out through your mouth for four seconds. Pause for four seconds and then repeat the action four times.

13 – Yoga and or Meditation.

Meditation can help clear your mind and help you focus on what is really important. It helps you change from a reactive state of mind and into a proactive state. As with deep breathing, meditation can help you stay balanced and relaxed during your withdrawal period. At times, it’s too easy to forget why you chose to withdraw in the first place.

14 – Sport or exercise.

Sport really depends of what you are used to. If you are a sedentary person then tart with a walk and try and quicken the pace.Of course you may not feel like exercising during withdrawal but a small amount of exercise is one of the best things you can do for coping with alcohol withdrawal. Exercise releases endorphins into your brain creating natural happy feelings not unlike alcohol. Sport is also good for your self-confidence and for your overall recovery.

15 – Listen to good music.

One way to answer the question, “How to deal with alcohol withdrawal” is listen to good music. It’s much better to distract yourself than than to focus on the discomfort of your withdrawal symptoms. Alcoholism tends to make everything else in life seem less enjoyable. Music that you used to love may no longer have the same draw try something new zap on the suggestions of YOUTUBE

You will probably find a renewed interest in music during your detox.

16 – Change your scene.

Get out the house and go for a walk, it can do wonders if you are feeling a little down. Where, it can certainly be difficult to drag yourself off of the couch or out of bed the rewards are great.

Try and combine walking with deep breathing and focus on your body. Then concentrate on the little things in your surroundings. Think about the moment and not about the future or the past.

17 – Read a book or watch an interesting documentary.

When you drink often you cannot make the effort to use your brain? Books or documentaries can offer a fantastic escape and can help distract you from that urge to drink. Like taking a walk or listening to music, reading a book is another distraction technique. Pick up a book or magazine just for pleasure.

18 – Find a new interest or hobby.

You will be shocked at how much time you spent either drinking, thinking about it, buying it and recovering from drinking it. What to do with this spare time, I found that learning another language helped, particularly as I associated it with a travel plan or end goal. The effort and the reward was so great that there is no place for alcohol. Everybody is different and the choice of distractions is endless.

19 – Self imposed Prohibition.

Self prohibition is a plan that you put in place to prevent you from relapsing. For instance, you could prohibit yourself from passing in front of the places you usually buy alcohol from. You must clear out and ban any alcoholic drink from the house.

20 – How to deal with alcohol withdrawal if you are at stage 5, Get medical assistance.

If you are at stage 5 then you can still follow all this advice but under medical supervision. If you experience Delirium tremens (DTs) which is characterised by severe nausea, seizures, and hallucinations. Then a sudden withdrawal could be life threatening. For this I will refer you to a different article.

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