Why Alcohol Detox is necessary in the first place?

Why Alcohol Detox in the first place?

Dr Bernard Mc Donald:

There are many reasons for taking this decision and later in this article I will tell you my personal motivation.

However a brief list of the more obvious reasons, Why Alcohol Detox is necessary

  • Over time, both the body and the brain becomes dependent on drinking frequency and patterns.
  • Avoid addiction
  • Reduce body weight
  • Improve your immune system
  • Give your liver a rest
  • Link with Diabetes 2
  • Link with cancer
  • Regain sharpness and “joie de vivre”
  • and many more
Why Alcohol Detox is necessary in the first place
Why Alcohol Detox is necessary in the first place

An occasional Detox is better than giving up altogether alcohol is actually enjoyable in moderation.

Why did you develop Alco-Detox?

Dr.Bernard Mc Donald:

The reason I have spent half of my lifetime developing this product was for professional reasons. As a practising doctor in Hollywood it was important for me to be on top form despite a hectic social life. As the son of a publican born and raised in rural Ireland, Alcohol was an ever present  part of my life and then moving to post war America where it played such an important role in everyday life just enforced this. As my social life became more hectic it was inevitable that the body suffered and the liver had more difficulties dealing with this overload of work. This would spill over into my daily life in the form of hangovers or just losing the edge necessary to carry out my professional tasks. So I set out to find a cure as aspirins were no longer adequate. My fascination with oriental and alternative medicines helped me find a natural remedy rather than a chemical and potentially harmful one. Alco-detox specifically targets key functionalities of our cellular infrastructure in a holistic manner. After years of using alternative and traditional ingredients I teamed up with a laboratory in  San Diego to try out various natural substances and combinations.

What makes Alco-Detox so unique?

Dr.Bernard Mc Donald:

The specific formulation works to regenerate the tired and overworked body and to help it cope and deal with the artificial strain put on it by Alcohol excess. I asked myself the question, Why Alcohol Detox? and I realised that people did not want to be cured of my social life but that I just wanted help to deal with it. I set out to cure hangovers but by serendipity I found that the product helped you with the craving sensation when you were not drinking. This means that this alcohol detox is sustainable; it helps you detox without the normally unavoidable uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. You can feel good without drinking alcohol and enjoy it even more when you do.

How does Alco-Detox work exactly?

Dr.Bernard Mc Donald:

Alco-Detox is a bit like a detergent,it’s an additive that helps the cleansing organs of our body in the same way that detergent improves the functionality of a washing machine. Our liver is a crucial organ for our metabolic system. It supplies us with endogenous and exogenous substances and provides a constant and vital detoxification. The liver‘s filter function is of vital importance for the entire body. It is not helped if we submerge it in alcohol on a regular basis. As it is, the liver  is continually swamped by free radicals, environmental toxins and an unhealthy diet add to this obesity,stress and insufficient exercise and it is no wonder that the hangovers get worse . If your body is not self cleansing your overall health suffers. Alco-Detox supports our liver’s functioning and its regeneration in a purely natural way without adding any extra strain to the system.

Who should take Alco-Detox?

Dr.Bernard Mc Donald:

Alco-Detox was developed for all people who consume more than two units of alcohol a day or who periodically drink 4 units a day. Alco-detox is designed to help people whose metabolism is under constant pressure. The people who suffer from acute substance abuse should consult a doctor and undergo medical treatment as a sudden severance can cause death. Once you are detoxed, alco-detox will help you control alcohol and enjoy it as a social pleasure.

What does the future hold for you? 

Dr.Bernard Mc Donald:

We are constantly working on more biological products: which include Plastic Detox and immune systems boosters. Not only did I pose the question of Why Alcohol Detox but also how do I plasdetox that is to say how can I cleanse my body of Bisphenol A?